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CCTV in the care home

By linking cameras to the cloud it is possible to address both the cost and privacy issues involved in CCTV for the care home.
The use of cameras can enable managers to both ensure the safety of residents and make more effective use of staff - freeing up qualified carers to better prioritise their workloads and respond to incidents more quickly.

Relatives will often welcomed the reassurance of being able to see for themselves the standard of care their loved ones receive.

The solution is to use cloud view which instead of being a costly and complex in-house monitoring system, connects cameras via the Internet to a secure hosted service in the cloud - no special hardware or software is needed just a username and password - and no training beyond a simple guide to the browser based interface.

Although continuous recording as possible - a more effective option is to restricted to specific times that day and only when motion is detected recordings can be emailed to account holders rather than having to logon and search through the footage

A lot quicker and easier to install compared to a traditional CCTV system, CCTV View can be used with any camera on the market.
More than that, the only other requirements are a small box - the Visual Network Adapter (VNA) - plus access to the internet, for which a standard broadband router is more than adequate.
One VMA is needed per camera connecting it to the broadband router via either a cabled network or wirelessly.
Management monitoring and recording, however, is all done in the cloud rather than locally with access available almost anywhere from any device with an Internet connection.


CCTV View can be set up to cater for multiple clients at multiple sites. Clients can be quickly switched on, swithed off, added or removed with data from those accounts archived or deleted where deemed necessary. This functionality cannot be achieved using ordinary CCTV systems.

CCTV View is quick and simple to install either as an upgrade to an existing CCTV system or as a VSAAS system in its own right and can be operational in minutes without the need for a computer or networking experts to be on hand.

Upgrades and bug fixes are implemented automatically negating the need for new hardware to be installed to keep up with advances in technology.


CCTV View can be viewed on any PC laptop tablet or smartphone using simple familiar browser technology. This means that access is not limited to a specific location and the data can be interpreted by authorised third parties without the need for additional proprietary software or technology. CCTV View is delivered in a user-friendly format that does not require formal operator training.


With the potential for many thousands of users a centrally operated or distributed CCTV service would require a significant commitment to hardware, system administration and technical support as well as the development of customised software for account management data privacy and security.

CCTV View provides all of these computing resources at any particular time - on demand. CCTV View has been built to be resilient with redundant backups of all data over multiple locations to prevent the slightest possibility of data loss.

Data is retained on a highly durable datastorage infrastructure service redundantly storing visual data across multiple data centres the service is designed to achieve 99.9999999999% durability and 99.99% availability.

In addition to the above at a local camera connection level if for some reason connection to CCTV View via the Internet fails, visual data will be recorded locally and restored to CCTV View's servers when the connection returns


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