Cloud Video Surveillance Dublin Ireland

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Why stay up all night when you can choose an instant alert to your mobile or email

Cloud based CCTV for Farms

Get the rest you need so you can be in top shape for those busy periods.

View the CCTV footage and Act instantly when you’re needed most!

Your portable or fixed CCTV View CCTV Unit can be activated by a temperature change, sound or movement and can be located in remote locations, connected via wireless broadband, 3G or cable to your Smart Phone, Laptop or Computer. We just send you the plug & play unit fully programmed.

Cloud based CCTV for Farms & Veterinary Hospitals

Receive those important alerts when you’re out in the field or away from home or to your Vet.
Our CCTV View Unit can interconnect with any existing single Camera or Large CCTV system.
There is no limit to the quantity of Cameras or Locations even if they are a 100K apart.

Re-use your CCTV View CCTV equipment to protect those other important areas of your property.
Our system will only record where there is activity and you decide the time and dates you need protection and You can Share the Video by email to any another person.

You choose the Package that best suits your needs which can be changed by just a click of a button.

Record site activity such as diggers, deliveries or when someone enters an area when they shouldn’t!


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